Index: if-archive/utilities

9 Items [10-Oct-2010]
Treaty of Babel processing tool, version 0.4b, by L. Ross Raszewski. [18-May-2010]
A Python xmllib parser class for the (undocumented) IF Archive XML schema, by Andrew Plotkin. [08-Oct-2004]
A Bash shell script that displays a menu of games and selects the correct interpreter to run. Version 1.0, by Lee Bigelow. [21-Dec-1992]
Vocabulary lister for Spellcasting 101 and TimeQuest (Legend Entertainment), by Volker Blasius. C source and DOS executable. [10-Oct-2005]
Vocabulary and string listers for Legend Entertainment games, from TimeQuest to Callahan's Crosstime Saloon, by Vasyl Tsvirkunov. C++ source and Windows console executables.
magic [29-Jun-1998]
Data for the Unix file(1) command to detect ALAN, TADS, and Infocom Z-Machine games. Originally written by Allen Garvin and updated by Dave Chapeskie. Displays game type and version/date/serial number. [19-Jul-2000]
BundleMonkey, a generic gamefile and interpreter packaging tool for MS-DOS, by L. Ross Raszewski. [29-Aug-2001]
A Python script which uses to create a Python data structure representing the Archive. It then saves this data structure to a Python pickle file. Written by Andrew Plotkin.
taplay_if_launcher.tar.bz2 [26-Apr-2011]
The auto-magical Text Adventure PLAYing session launcher, version 0.9.8, by Valerie Winter and René Kuligowski. A Unix/BASH-based helper script suite to automatically launch an appropriate interpreter for any IF game format.