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2044.sol [24-Jan-1998]
Solution to 2044: Space Troopers, by Ambat Sasi Nair
2112.sol [25-Mar-2010]
Solution to 2112, by Ambat Sasi Nair
3.step [20-Nov-1994]
Solution to += 3: A Logical Adventure
3monkeys_solution.txt [23-May-2004]
Soulution for Three Monkeys, One Cage, by the game's author, Robert Goodwin.
aayela_walk.txt [29-Feb-2004]
Walkthrough for Aayela by the game's author, Magnus Olsson.
abbey.sol [17-Oct-1995]
general hints (objectives) and full stepwise walkthrough for The Abbey of Montglane v1.1, by Audrey De Lisle
above.sol [21-Jun-2000]
Solution to Above and Beyond, version 1.1, written by Paul J. Godfrey, with additions by the game's author, Mike Sousa.
acid.sol [17-Nov-1998]
walkthrough for Acid Whiplash, by Rybread Celsius and Cody Sandifer [09-Jan-2000]
Solution and map (in GUEmap format) for the BBC micro game "Acorn Adventure", by David Lodge.
acorncourt.sol [18-Jul-2009]
Walkthrough for Acorn Court [18-Oct-1994]
a hint reader that lets you look up individual hints from the Scott Adams hint sheets in AdamsHints.tar.Z without having to decode them manually, a compiler to create those hint files, and the Scott Adams hints C source code and Archimedes executables by David Lodge [file is linked to scott-adams/hints/]
AdamsHints.tar.Z [25-Aug-1993]
complete hint sheets (not walkthroughs) to all the Scott Adams adventures published by Adventure International, including the code key from the end of Savage Island II by David Librik, with additions by Paul David Doherty The hints are coded so you don't accidentally read more than you want to. [file is linked to scott-adams/hints/AdamsHints.tar.Z] [25-Aug-1993]
same as above, but with DOS CRLFs as line separators [file is linked to solutions/hints/] [08-Feb-1993]
walkthroughs for 12 Scott Adams adventures [file is linked to scott-adams/hints/]
admuseum.sol [13-Feb-1997]
Solution to The Adventurers' Museum - Legacy of the Necromancer: Part I, by Ambat Sasi
adv660-hints.txt [14-Jun-2004]
Question and answer hint file for the 660 point version of Colossal Cave (Adventure 4+ version 10.06). Version 1.1, originally written by Arthur DiBianca and amended by Mike Arnautov. [09-Oct-2007]
A walkthrough and maps (in GUEmap format) for the 350 point version of Adventure, by Julian Fleetwood.
adven550.sol [02-Aug-1993]
Solution to a 550 points version of Colossal Cave, by Barbara Baser (the game described here is slightly different from the one in games/source/
adventure-walkthrough.txt [17-Aug-1997]
annotated step-by-step solution to the 350 points version of Colossal Cave. Revised by Jessica Allan, based on a solution by Sean L. Palmer.
adventure.step [31-Dec-1992]
commented stepwise solution to the 350 points version of Colossal Cave
aftrmath.txt [18-Aug-2002]
Walkthrough for Aftermath, by the game's author.
agent.sol [22-Jan-1997]
Solution to Special Agent, by Ambat Sasi
Aisle.wlk [28-May-1999]
walkthrough for Aisle, by the game's author, Sam Barlow
aliens.sol [10-Dec-2000]
Solution to Space Aliens Laughed at my Cardigan, by Nils Barth.
Amazon.sol [15-Mar-1996]
anonymous solution to Amazon (Trillium/Tellarium)
anchor.sol [18-May-1998]
Solution to Anchorhead, by Mike Wallis [14-Nov-2015]
A Guided Tour of Anchorhead, including 11 maps, a playthrough and a glossary, created by Michael Hayes.
AnchorSolve.txt [15-Aug-2000]
Walkthrough for Anchorhead, by Aeron Pax.
asylum.sol [26-Oct-2009]
Solution to the Z-code game Asylum.
atomia.sol [03-Mar-1993]
Solution to Atomia Akorny, by Ambat Sasi
atwork.sol [07-May-2001]
Walkthrough for "Danger! Adventurer at work!", originally a Quill game by Simon Avery and then ported to Inform by Duncan Cross. [02-Jul-2013]
Solution to Augmented Fourth, written by the game's author, Brian Uri.
aztec.sol [27-Jun-1997]
Solution to Aztec Tomb (Part 1), by Ambat Sasi
BabelMap.pdf [17-Jun-1998]
Map of Babel, by Eric O'Dell. Adobe Acrobat PDF format.
Balances.solve [13-Dec-1994]
walkthrough for Balances, by Gareth Rees
Barsoom1.sol [11-Jan-2009]
Solution for Barsoom Adventure #1: The Lost City, by Fredrik Ekman.
BastowA.sol [11-Apr-1999]
99% walkthrough for The Secret of Bastow Manor, by Andrew Williams
BastowD.sol [29-Apr-1999]
full walkthrough for The Secret of Bastow Manor, by Dorothy Millard
baton.step [09-Oct-1995]
stepwise solution to Brian Howarth's The Golden Baton, by R. Rainbird
bear.sol [24-Jan-1998]
Solution to A Bear's Night Out, by Ambat Sasi Nair
bedlam.sol [18-Nov-1997]
Solution to Bedlam, by Ambat Sasi
BiCon_Walkthrough.txt [06-Oct-2010]
Walkthrough for BiCon by the game's author, "rach".
BlackscarMount.sol [09-Aug-1996]
anonymous solution to Blackscar Mount (Titan)
blues_walkthru.txt [21-Jun-2002]
Walkthrough for Tinseltown Blues, by Eytan Zweig.
bmiss.sol [24-Mar-2010]
Solution to the TADS game Bmissfille, by Ambat Sasi Nair
boggit.step [24-Nov-1995]
commented stepwise solution to The Boggit (Delta 4), by Jacob Gunness
boggit.txt [15-Jan-1995]
some hints for The Boggit (Delta 4), by Mario Moeller
borrowedtime.sol [05-Aug-1993]
stepwise solution to Borrowed Time
Breakers.sol [09-Aug-1996]
anonymous solution to Breakers (Synapse/Broderbund)
breath12.sol [29-Jan-1998]
Solution to Breath Pirates 1.2, by Ambat Sasi Nair
bse.sol [23-Jan-1997]
commented stepwise solution to BSE (releases 2 and 3) by Paul J. Godfrey
Bullhockey_solution.txt [27-Nov-2018]
Walkthrough for "Bullhockey!" by the game's author, Bill Lindsay. Slightly revised. Note that this only works for Release 1 / Serial Number 181125, not later versions. (the original competition walkthrough is in games/competition2018/Bullhockey/Walkthrough/solution.txt) [09-Jan-2000]
Solution and map (in GUEmap format) for the BBC micro game "Bungle Brothers", by David Lodge.
Burglar_SpeedRun.pdf [14-Dec-2011]
Map and solution for Doug Roberts' game "Burglar!", made by Martin Doege. [22-Nov-2010]
Hints, maps and a walkthrough for the Z-code game Busted.
busted.hnt [23-Jun-2000]
Hints for Busted! by Dan Shiovitz, Walter Sandsquish and Robert A. deLisle.
busted.sol [07-Mar-1997]
stepwise solution to Busted, by Paul J. Godfrey [02-Aug-2009]
Walkthroughs for Cacophony by the game's author, Owen Parish.
castaway.sol [02-Apr-1993]
Solution to Castaway, by Ambat Sasi [12-Dec-2002]
Hints for Castle Ralf by the game's authors, in Microsoft Word format.
cave.sol [03-Feb-1993]
Solution to Cave Adventure, by Ambat Sasi [02-Dec-2000]
Walkthrough for Sierra's "The Colonel's Bequest - A Laura Bow Mystery", by Julian Fleetwood.
centipede.sol [01-Dec-2005]
Walkthrough for J. Robinson Wheeler's game Centipede, including multiple winning endings, by Michael Martin.
christminster.sol [21-Feb-1996]
solution, point list, and list of objects for Christminster, by Audrey De Lisle
circus.hints [16-Nov-1995]
hints for Mysterious Adventure No. 6: Circus, typed in by Petter Sjoelund
cliff.sol [13-Apr-1993]
Solution to Cliff Diver: Investigator for Hire - The Case of Crime to the Ninth Power, by Ambat Sasi
ColdAsDeath.txt [15-Aug-2010]
Walkthrough for Cold As Death, a realtime IF game that can be found at Walkthrough written by Emily Short.
cosmos.sol [03-Oct-1998]
walkthrough for Cosmoserve (1991 version), by Al G.
cplay-hints.html [23-Feb-2008]
Hints for Child's Play by the game's author, Stephen Granade.
crimeadv.sol [25-Feb-1993]
Solution to Crime Adventure version 1.52, by Ambat Sasi
CrimsonCrown.sol [15-Mar-1996]
anonymous solution to Crimson Crown (PolarWare)
criticalbreach.txt [25-Feb-2010]
Solution to Critical Breach, by the game's author. [12-Aug-1994]
solutions for the 3 games in, by Ambat Sasi: Rings for Bony Fingers, Ghost Riders of El Diablo, Dr. Death's House of Horrors
crypt.sol [21-Jul-1994]
Solution to Crypt, by Ambat Sasi
Curses.sol [22-Aug-1996]
554 points walkthrough for Graham Nelson's Curses (release 12, 11nov94; revised for release 16, 22aug96), by Russ Bryan
Curses.step [13-Dec-1994]
minimal step-by-step solution to release 12 of Curses, by Gareth Rees
CursesR16.sol [12-Nov-1995]
Solution to Curses release 16, by Marc Leduc. Straightforward walkthrough, explanations and clue locations, history of the Meldrews, dictionary of mythology, lagachable objects, amusing things to do, different ways to open the medicine bottle - it's all there!
cycles_hints.htm [22-Feb-2002]
Hints for Vicious Cycles, by the game's author, Mark Simon. HTML format.
dampcamp.sol [24-Mar-2010]
Solution to the TADS game The Damp Camp, by Ambat Sasi Nair
darkcon.sol [11-Mar-1993]
Solution to Dark Continent, by Ambat Sasi
darknite.sol [18-Feb-1993]
Solution to Darknight, by Ambat Sasi
DashSlapneyPatrolSol.txt [10-May-2012]
Solution for Dash Slapney, Patrol Leader by the game's author, Andrew Schultz.
deep_breathing_walkthru.txt [23-Nov-2015]
Walthrough for Deep Breathing, by Viktor Sobol.
deephome.sol [18-Jan-2000]
Solution to Deephome, by Ambat Sasi
deepspace.step [31-Oct-1995]
stepwise solution to Deep Space Drifter, by Paul J. Godfrey
DejaVu1.sol [15-Mar-1996]
anonymous solution to Deja Vu (ICOM/Mindscape)
DejaVu2.sol [15-Mar-1996]
anonymous solution to Deja Vu 2 (ICOM/Mindscape)
delusion.sol [02-Jan-1997]
stepwise solution to Delusions, by Paul J. Godfrey
demonstomb.hnt [14-Apr-1995]
hint book for Demon's Tomb - The Awakening by Christopher E. Forman
Desert.sol [10-May-2012]
Commented solution to Sam Trenholm's Desert Adventure (which is in scott-adams/games/scottfree/
diemasse.html [08-Feb-2005]
Walkthrough for Die Vollkommene Masse by the game's author, Alice Merridew.
ditchday.sol [27-Mar-1995]
Solution to Ditch Day Drifter, by Ambat Sasi
ditchday.step [19-Jul-1995]
stepwise solution to Ditch Day Drifter, by Paul J. Godfrey
doll.sol [28-Nov-1997]
Solution to The Zuni Doll, by Ambat Sasi
dracula.txt [16-May-2001]
Walkthrough for the Dutch text adventure Dracula, by John Stigter.
dracula_prince_of_darkness.txt [24-Feb-2014]
Walkthrough for Paul Johnson's "Dracula, Prince of Darkness". [03-Oct-2012]
Hints, maps and a walkthrough for the Z-code game The Dreamhold.
dreamlands.sol [31-Oct-2005]
Walkthrough for Echappee Belle Dans Les Contrees du Reve, by JB Ferrant.
droganya.sol [31-Jul-1994]
Solution to Castle Droganya, by Ambat Sasi
ducksoup.sol [05-Sep-1997]
Solution to Ducksoup, by Audrey De Lisle
dudley.sol [17-Jan-1995]
Solution to A Dudley Dilemma, taken from the source code in games/source/agt/
dumontmaps.pdf [08-May-2000]
Maps of Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I., by Al Golden [14-Mar-1996]
2-page PostScript map of Dungeon, by David Newkirk [25-Oct-1994]
PostScript map of Dungeon (5 pages), built with admap by Darin Johnson
dungeon.sol [05-Oct-1994]
Solution to Dungeon version 3.1, by David Horowitz
Dungeon32b-Solution-Hints-Trivia.txt [23-Mar-2015]
A walkthrough, hints and trivia about Dungeon, the more or less public domain version of the original MIT Zork, version 3.2B.
dunjin.hints [22-Jul-1993]
hints for The Dungeons of Dunjin, by W. Mintardjo
dunjin43.sol [23-Sep-1996]
stepwise solution to Dunjin 4.30, by Paul J. Godfrey
dyanty.sol [02-May-1997]
Solution to Caves of Dyanty, by Ambat Sasi
eas.wlk [21-Nov-2001]
Walkthrough for Earth and Sky, by Paul O'Brian.
edifice.rec [01-Oct-1997]
step-by-step walkthrough for The Edifice, by Lucian Smith [file is linked to games/competition97/inform/edifice/edifice.rec]
ekphrasis.txt [19-Nov-2006]
Walkthrough for Ekphrasis by the game's author, Le Jibe.
elf.sol [02-Apr-1993]
Solution to The Elf's Christmas Adventure, by Ambat Sasi
elsinore.sol [23-Feb-1993]
Solution to Castle Elsinore version 1.0, by W. Mintardjo
enchantedcastle.txt [18-Jan-1993]
Solution to Enchanted Castle, by W. Mintardjo
EndMeansEscape.sol [26-May-2003]
Walkthrough for The End Means Escape, by Queen Kara.
Enemies.sol [18-Feb-1999]
Solution to Enemies, by Paul J. Godfrey
enhanced.sol [27-Apr-1994]
solution, point list, and map for Enhanced (versions 1 and 2), by Audrey De Lisle
enterprise_hints.html [31-Dec-2010]
Hints for "The Enterprise Incidents: a Middle School Fantasy" by the game's author, Brendan Desilets.
eric.sol [15-Jun-1993]
Solution to Eric the Unready, by Beowulf
eric_dm.sol [26-Oct-2009]
Solution to the Z-code game Eric the Power-Mad Dungeon Master.
Essex.sol [10-Aug-1996]
anonymous solution to Essex (Synapse/Broderbund)
EvenTheDevilMustDie.sol [28-Aug-2003]
Walkthrough for Even The Devil Must Die, by Dave Johnson.
EverybodyDies.sol [17-Nov-2008]
Walkthrough for Everybody Dies, by Jim Munroe.
EverybodyDiesInvisiclues.html [02-Dec-2008]
Invisiclues in HTML format for Everbody Dies, by Jim Munroe.
Fahrenheit451.sol [15-Mar-1996]
anonymous solution to Fahrenheit 451 (Telarium)
fallacy_of_dawn.txt [12-Jul-2013]
Walkthrough for Fallacy of Dawn, by Natalie Charlesworth.
farmers-daughter.txt [04-Jan-2004]
solution to Farmers Daughter
FarmersDaughter.odt [24-Aug-2010]
Solution to Farmers Daughter, Z-code version, written by Virto Nacine Cifetti. OpenDocument format.
filaments.txt [26-Feb-2003]
Solution to Filaments by the game's author, JB Ferrant.
finding_martin.txt [26-Oct-2015]
Walkthrough for Finding Martin, by the game's author.
FineTune.sol [20-May-2002]
Solution to Fine-Tuned, by the author, Dennis Jerz.
firebird.sol [06-Jun-1999]
Solution to Firebird, by Brendan Desilets
firwitch.sol [27-Mar-1995]
Solution to John's Fire Witch, by Ambat Sasi
firwitch.step [19-Apr-1995]
stepwise solution to John's Fire Witch, by Paul J. Godfrey
FishMess_wlkthr.txt [14-Nov-2010]
Solution to the ALAN game A Very Hairy Fish-Mess, written by the game's author, Byron Alexander Campbell.
flingsho.sol [02-Apr-1993]
Solution to Odieus's Quest for the Magic Flingshot by Ambat Sasi
fourin1.sol [28-May-1999]
Solution to Fourin1, by Paul J. Godfrey
fren5-2.sol [05-Mar-2010]
Solution to The Frenetic Five vs. Mr Redundancy Man, by Ambat Sasi.
fren5-3.sol [05-Mar-2010]
Solution to The Frenetic Five vs. The Seven Deadly Dwarves, by Ambat Sasi.
frenfive.sol [16-Sep-1999]
Solution to The Frenetic Five vs. Sturm und Drang, by Ambat Sasi.
frobozz.sol [14-Jan-1997]
step-by-step solution to Frobozz Magic Support, release 2, by Paul J. Godfrey
frozen.sol [02-May-1997]
Solution to Frozen: A Night at the Lab, by Ambat Sasi
frust.sol [11-Aug-1997]
step-by-step solution to Frustration, v1.01 release 960114, by Paul J. Godfrey
ftf.sol [11-Aug-2001]
step-by-step solution to First Things First, v1.01 release 20010723, by Paul J. Godfrey
Funhouse.txt [13-Sep-2007]
Step-by-Step solution to Mystery Funhouse, by Hayden Presley.
gateway.hnt [13-Jul-1993]
very explicit hint book for Frederik Pohl's Gateway
Gc-gam.sol [23-May-1999]
solution to GC: A Thrashing Bit Parity of the Mind, by Richard Cuddy.
geishaCheatSheet.html [14-Feb-2003]
Descriptions and tables of the internal workings of the Bleach of Etiquette (Geisha Sim) portion of When Help Collides, by the game's author, J.D. Berry.
geishaWinningSession.html [14-Feb-2003]
Transcript of a winning game, with a commentary, for the Bleach of Etiquette (Geisha Sim) portion of When Help Collides, by the game's author, J.D. Berry. [19-Nov-2014]
Maps and a walkthrough for Genesis Quest, by the game's author, Mike Gerwat.
GerbilRiot.sol [03-Jun-2000]
Solution to Gerbil Riot, by Duncan Cross.
Getfeldt_walkthrough.txt [29-Jul-2014]
Walkthrough for Getfeldt's Treasure, by Richard Bos.
gfleece.sol [02-Mar-1999]
step-by-step solution to Jim MacBrayne's The Golden Fleece, by Richard A. Cuddy
ghost_train.txt [13-Nov-2003]
Solution for Ghost Train, by Daphne Brinkerhoff.
gpeace.walkthru [03-Mar-2009]
Walkthrough for Galactic Peace by the game's author, Jeffrey Rosenthal.
grip.sol [15-May-1998]
step-by-step solution to Losing Your Grip, by Paul J. Godfrey
GrooveBillygoat_solution.txt [22-Jun-2014]
Solution to Groove Billygoat.
GuiltyBastards.txt [11-Jul-2004]
Walkthrough for Guilty Bastards, by Terri Sheehan.
gumshoe.sol [13-Jul-1996]
step-by-step solution to Gumshoe, by Paul J. Godfrey
gym.sol [28-Feb-1997]
Solution to Gymnasium, by Ambat Sasi
haunted.sol [01-Feb-1993]
Solution to The Haunted Mission Adventure version 1.52 by Ambat Sasi
haunted_horror.sol [26-Oct-2009]
Solution to the Quest game Haunted Horror.
Haunted_House.txt [06-Apr-2002]
Solution to Haunted House (Radio Shack), by Stefano Lorenzin [26-Dec-1999]
solution and walk-through of Adventure in Humongous Cave, the 1000 point version of Colossal Cave, by the game's author, David Malmberg.
headache_walkthrough.txt [27-Nov-2017]
Walkthrough for A Killer Headache, Release 3 by Mike Ciul
heated.sol [18-Mar-2018]
Walkthrough for Heated, by Mehmet Sadik Yildirim.
heist.sol [14-Oct-1997]
step by step solution to Heist (release 2) by Dale Johannesen
Heroine.sol [05-Jan-2001]
Solution to Heroine's Mantle, by Paul Godfrey.
hgrail.sol [01-Mar-1999]
step-by-step solution to Jim MacBrayne's The Holy Grail, by Richard A. Cuddy
HHGTTG64.txt [24-Feb-1999]
Solution to Hitch Hiker 64 (later renamed Cosmic Capers), by Andrew Williams NOTE: This is not related to the Infocom's Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy game
hints.many [22-Feb-1995]
anonymous hints for the following games:
  Dark Crystal
  Death in the Caribbean
  Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
  Mask of the Sun
  Serpent's Star
  Zork I - III
HLAA-walk.txt [27-Jun-2005]
Walkthrough for HLA Adventure.
hobbit.step [24-Nov-1995]
commented stepwise solution to The Hobbit (Melbourne House), by Jacob Gunness [21-Jan-1995]
solutions to the 3 games in, by Ambat Sasi:
  Night of the Walking Dead
  Frankenstein's Legacy
  The Sea Phantom
hotel.sol [17-Jul-1995]
Solution to Hotel Notell, by W. Mintardjo
hotel.step [24-Oct-1995]
stepwise solution to Hotel Notell, by Paul J. Godfrey
house.sol [25-Mar-2010]
Solution to the TADS game The House, by Ambat Sasi Nair [20-Jan-2016]
Solutions to Hugo's House of Horrors, Hugo II: Whodunit? and Hugo III: Jungle of Doom.
humbug.sol [26-Jun-1997]
stepwise solution to Humbug (the public domain version 5.0, May 1997), by Paul J. Godfrey. This solution augments the game's built-in hint system, and shows how to earn all 2000 points.
huntdark.sol [29-May-2000]
Anonymous solution to Hunter, In Darkness.
I-0.sol [07-Aug-1998]
a plot tree for I-0: Jailbait on Interstate Zero, by Bruce Hollebone
iceprin.sol [07-Jul-1997]
step-by-step solution to The Ice Princess, by Paul J. Godfrey. This solution is for game Release 8 / Serial number 960901.
Symlink to if-archive/infocom/hints
inherit.sol [11-Jul-2004]
Solution to Inheritance, by Eric Toth.
institute.step [14-Dec-1993]
stepwise solution to The Institute, by Sascha Wildner
intercep.sol [18-Nov-1997]
Solution to Intercept, by Ambat Sasi [22-Nov-2010]
Hints, maps and a walkthrough for the Z-code game Intruder.
Invasion.sol [10-Aug-1996]
anonymous solution to Invasion, an adventure by Robert Henderson
invisible_walkthrough.txt [01-Feb-2010]
Walkthrough for The Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man by the game's author, Hannes Schueller.
island.sol [26-Oct-1995]
Solution to The Island of Mystery version 1.52, by Ambat Sasi. This version does not tell you how to get some bonus points.
island.step [26-Oct-1995]
complete stepwise solution to The Island of Mystery, by Paul J. Godfrey
jacjim.sol [28-May-1997]
Solution to Jacaranda Jim, by Neil Shipman. This solution now contains the name that formerly constituted the game's registration incentive; supplied by the author, Graham Cluley.
jewel.sol [26-Jul-1999]
Solution to The Jewel of Knowledge, by Paul J. Godfrey
jewel.wlk [25-Jul-1999]
anonymous walk through solution to The Jewel of Knowledge
jgreadme.txt [23-Nov-1995]
comment by Jacob Gunness on his game solutions [21-Nov-1995]
commented stepwise solutions by Jacob Gunness to the following games:
  Adventure Quest - Jewels of Darkness Part 2 (Level 9)
  Adventureland (Scott Adams)
  Amazon (Telarium)
  The Legend of the Apache Gold (Incentive)
  Arrow of Death Parts 1 and 2 (Channel 8)
  Atalan (Atlas)
  Black Knight Adventure (Atlas)
  The Boggit (Delta 4)
  Borrowed Time (Interplay)
  Bugsy (BRL)
  Castle of Mydor (Mountain Valley Software)
  Circus (Channel 8)
  Colossal Adventure - Jewels of Darkness Part 1 (Level 9)
  Conquest of Camelot (Sierra)
  The Dallas Quest (Datasoft)
  Dracula (CRL)
  Dragonworld (Telarium)
  Dungeon Adventure - Jewels of Darkness Part 3 (Level 9)
  Emerald Isle (Level 9)
  Empire of Karn (Interceptor S.)
  Enchanter (Infocom)
  Escape from Pulsar 7 (Channel 8)
  Eureka! (DoMark)
  Feasibility Experiment (Channel 8)
  Fish! (Magnetic Scrolls)
  Frankenstein (CRL)
  The Golden Baton (Channel 8)
  Gremlins (Adventure International)
  Hollywood Hijinx (Infocom)
  Hampstead (Melbourne House)
  The Hobbit (Melbourne House)
  Hunchback, The Adventure (Ocean)
  The Incredible Hulk (Scott Adams)
  Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis (LucasArts)
  Infidel (Infocom)
  Ingrid's Back! - Gnome Ranger II (Level 9)
  Jinxter (Magentic Scrolls)
  Kayleth (Adventure International)
  Kentilla (Mastertronic)
  Kobayashi Naru (Mastertronic)
  Leather Goddesses of Phobos (Infocom)
  Leisure Suit Larry V - Passionate Patti Does a Little
  Undercover Work (Sierra On-Line)
  Lifeboat (Jack Lockerby)
  Lords of Time (Level 9)
  The Lurking Horror (Infocom)
  Masters of the Universe (Adventure International)
  Merry Christmas (Melbourne House)
  Mindshadow (Interplay)
  Neverending Story (Ocean)
  The Pawn (Magnetic Scrolls)
  Perseus and Andromeda (Channel 8)
  The Pilgrim (CRL)
  Pirate Adventure (Adventure International)
  Planetfall (Infocom)
  Plundered Hearts (Infocom)
  Ring of Power (Quicksilva)
  Robin of Sherwood (Adventure International)
  The Saga of Erik the Viking (Level 9)
  Scapeghost Part 1 (Level 9)
  Scroll of Akbar Khan (Mountain Valley Software)
  Seabase Delta (Firebird)
  Sex Vixens from Space
  Sherlock - The Riddle of the Crown Jewels (Infocom)
  S.M.A.S.H.E.D. (C.A.Sharp)
  Smuggler's Inn (Mountain Valley Software)
  Sorcerer (Infocom)
  The Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle (Adventure Int'l)
  Spiderman (Adventure International)
  Spy Trek
  Starcross (Infocom)
  Stranded (English Software)
  Tass Times in Tonetown (Interplay)
  Ten Little Indians (Channel 8)
  Terrormolinos (Melbourne House)
  Time Machine (Channel 8)
  The Tracer Sanction (Activision)
  Valkyrie 17 (Ram Jam Corp.)
  Voodoo Castle (Adventure International)
  Waxworks (Channel 8)
  Wishbringer (Infocom)
  Witness (Infocom)
  Wizard of Akyrz (Channel 8)
  Wolfman (CRL)
  Zork I - III (Infocom) [02-Jun-1999]
commented stepwise solutions by Jacob Gunness to the following games:
  Asylum (Screenplay)
  The Count (Scott Adams)
  Eye of Bain (Artic)
  Frankie Crashed on Jupiter (Kingsoft)
  Heroes of Karn (Interceptor)
  Jack the Ripper (CRL)
  Jewels of Babylon (Interceptor)
  The Knight's Quest (Phipps Associates)
  Magic Mountain (Phipps Associates)
  Mission Asteroid (Sierra)
  Mystery of Munroe Mannor (Softgold)
  Myth (Magnetic Scrolls)
  Pyramid of Doom (Scott Adams)
  Quest for the Holy Grail (Dream Software/Mastertronic)
  Souls of Darkon (Taskset)
  Subsunk (Firebird)
  Super Gran (Adventure International)
  Through the Woods
  Warlord (Interceptor)
  Witch's Cauldron (MicroGen)
  Zim Sala Bim (Melbourne House)
Jigsaw.sol [13-Dec-1995]
Solution to Jigsaw, by Bonni Mierzejewska, revision 3
Jigsaw.step [27-Mar-1996]
Amply commented step-by-step solution to Jigsaw, by Gareth Rees.
jubilee.sol [14-Jul-1997]
Solution to Jubilee Road, by Audrey De Lisle
karn.sol [21-Feb-1997]
step-by-step solution to Return to Karn, release 2, by Paul J. Godfrey. Updated by Patrick Wigfull for release 2/961207
keytime.sol [15-Feb-1993]
Solution to The Key to Time (in games/advsys) by Ambat Sasi
KGB.sol [21-Feb-1994]
walkthrough for KGB (Cryo/Virgin Games) by Stan Kobylanski
kissing.sol [16-Oct-2000]
Solution to Kissing the Buddha's Feet by the game's author, Leon Lin. [10-Aug-1997]
Solution to Klaustrophobia, by Audrey De Lisle. Included are text files giving the solution to all three parts, five saved games (starting positions for parts 2 and 3, one saved game to bypass a bug and two saved games for particularly difficult section of the game) and a general hint file for AGT games.
KOASol.txt [17-Oct-2010]
Walkthrough for Kingdom of Amphibia, by Al.
kooku.sol [28-Nov-1997]
Solution to Kook U, by Ambat Sasi
kquest.sol [04-Mar-1997]
Solution to KQuest (in games/pc), by Ambat Sasi
labyrinth.sol [17-Jul-1995]
Solution to The Deadly Labyrinth, by W. Mintardjo
lastcity.sol [02-Mar-1993]
Solution to The Last City, by Ambat Sasi
lecture_feature.txt [26-Mar-2014]
Walkthrough for Paul Collins' game Lecture Feature
legend.sol [15-Aug-1997]
Solution to The Legend Lives!, by Audrey De Lisle
legendsword.txt [15-Jan-1995]
Solution to Legend of the Sword
lethe.step [14-Mar-1996]
step-by-step solution to release 2 of Lethe Flow Phoenix: A Flight of Fantasy, by Paul J. Godfrey
Symlink to if-archive/level9/hints
library.step [01-Oct-1996]
step-by-step solution to release 2 of All Quiet on the Library Front, by Paul J. Godfrey
lieuxcommuns.rec [10-Sep-2007]
Solution to Lieux communs by the game's authors.
lmpsd.sol [27-Jul-2004]
Walkthrough for La Mort Pour Seul Destin, by JB Ferrant.
lock.hnt [28-Jan-2003]
Hints for Lock and Key, by Billy Harris.
longwalk_walkthrough.txt [26-Jun-2017]
Complete walkthrough for LongWalk, by ProtossProbe. [20-Aug-2001]
Step-by-step solution to Losing your Grip. Solution by Paul J. Godfrey with suggested improvements by D.J. Picton, converted to HTML by Magnum.
lost.sol [24-Jun-1996]
step-by-step solution to Lost, by Paul J. Godfrey
Lost_Dutchman_Gold.txt [06-Apr-2002]
Solution to Lost Dutchman's Gold, by Stefano Lorenzin
lostny.sol [26-Apr-1996]
Solution to Lost New York, by Russ Bryan
lunatix.sol [15-Nov-2004]
Solution and map for Lunatix: The Insanity Circle, version 1.1, by the game's author, Mike Snyder. [13-Sep-1994]
solutions for the 3 games in, by Ambat Sasi:
  Merlin's Magic Forest
  Merlin's Golden Trov
  Son of Ali Baba
magictoy.sol [07-Aug-1996]
step-by-step solution to The Magic Toyshop, release 1, by Paul J. Godfrey
magik.hints [16-Nov-1995]
hints for The Price of Magik, typed in by Petter Sjoelund
Symlink to if-archive/magnetic-scrolls/hints
maintenance_man.txt [13-Mar-2004]
Hints, a walkthrough, and a mini-review of The Maintenance Man, by Ryan Cuthbertson.
manor.sol [20-Dec-1994]
Solution to Hampton Manor, by Ambat Sasi Nair
mansion.sol [26-Mar-2010]
Solution to the Z-code game Mansion by the game's author, Derek Barley.
Mars.sol [23-May-1999]
Solution to The Pyramids of Mars, by Richard Cuddy
masksun.txt [15-Jan-1995]
walkthrough for Mask of the Sun, by Mario Moeller
mcmurphy.sol [20-Dec-1994]
Solution to McMurphy's Mansion, by Ambat Sasi Nair
meine.html [08-Feb-2005]
Walkthrough for Meine Dalix by the game's author, Alice Merridew.
Mindshadow.step [02-Jan-1995]
stepwise solution to Mindshadow, by Stefan Jokisch
mindshadow.txt [15-Jan-1995]
Solution to Mindshadow
Mindwheel.sol [15-Mar-1996]
anonymous solution to Mindwheel (Synapse/Broderbund)
mission.sol [28-Nov-1997]
Solution to The Mission, by Ambat Sasi
mist.sol [14-May-1999]
anonymous solution to Mindscape's Mist
moist.sol [15-Jul-1998]
Solution to Moist, by Ross Presser
Moon-Shaped.txt [24-Jun-2008]
Walkthrough for release 2 of the game Moon-Shaped, by the game's author, Jason Ermer.
moot2walk.txt [11-Aug-2007]
Walkthrough for L. Ross Raszewski's Moments out of Time 2: Adventure Type. Version 1.1 of the walkthrough, written by Greg Boettcher.
MortlakeManorGameTranscript.txt [28-Mar-2012]
Game transcript for Mortlake Manor by the game's author, Ben Chenoweth.
MortlakeManorInvisiHints.html [28-Mar-2012]
Invisi-clue style hints for Mortlake Manor, as a HTML file. Written by the game's author, Ben Chenoweth.
mother_loose_walkthru.txt [18-May-2015]
Walkthrough for Irene Callaci's Mother Loose, scoring all 50 points, by Viktor Sobol.
mountain.sol [25-Feb-1993]
Solution to Moon Mountain Adventure, by Ambat Sasi
mrsk.sol [03-Feb-1997]
Solution to Magic Realms: The Sword of Kasza, by James Mallette
mulldoon2.sol [06-Jan-2000]
Solution to Mulldoon release 2, by Paul J. Godfrey
mulldoonmaze.sol [19-Apr-2002]
Correction to the Marble Maze walkthrough in "mulldoon2.sol", by D.J. Picton.
Muse.Solve [13-Apr-1999]
detailed solution plus observations on Muse, by Quentin D. Thompson
mutants.sol [27-Jun-1997]
Solution to Mutant Invasion, by Ambat Sasi
mystery-house.txt [03-Nov-1997]
walkthrough for Mystery House, by Graeme Cree
Mystery_Mansion.txt [21-Oct-2015]
Walkthrough for Bill Wolpert's 1978 game Mystery Mansion.
myth.sol [01-Jul-1997]
solution (260 points out of 300) and map of Myth, by Ambat Sasi
nebula.sol [11-Mar-1993]
Solution to Nebula, by Ambat Sasi
Necrotic_Drift_Walkthrough.txt [12-Apr-2014]
Walkthrough for Robb Sherwin's Necrotic Drift.
night.sol [27-Jun-1997]
Solution to Night at the Computer Center, by Ambat Sasi
ninepts.sol [24-Nov-1996]
Solution to Nine Points release 11, by Tony Baechler (the initial name of this game was just 'cdsample')
nova.sol [07-Jun-1998]
Solution to Supernova, by Audrey De Lisle [11-Jul-2004]
tips for The Nuclear Submarine Adventure, by Bill Templeton and Rick Hanson
oad.walkthrough.txt [27-Aug-2000]
Walkthrough for Only After Dark, by Christian Gaertner.
oaf.html [03-Sep-2002]
Walkthrough for Once and Future, HTML format, by Aaron Kashtan.
ofd.sol [08-Jul-2001]
Solution to One Foot Down, by Amnon Shiloh
onehalf.sol [25-Apr-2008]
Step by step solution for Unnkulia One-Half, by Valentine Kopteltsev.
onehand.html [16-Dec-2002]
Hints for The Sound of One Hand Clapping, by Quim Holland.
OO-Topos.sol [24-Jul-1996]
anonymous walkthrough for OO-Topos (Michael Berlyn/ Polarware)
palace.sol [28-Feb-1997]
Solution to Palace Adventure, by Ambat Sasi
PaperChase.sol [17-May-2003]
Solution for Paper Chase, by Candyce Young-Fields.
Parade.comment.txt [03-Aug-1997]
Solution to Everybody Loves a Parade, a commentary on the genesis and development of the game, and some programming tips for TADS beginners, by Cody Sandifer [file is linked to games/mac/Parade.comment.txt, to games/pc/parade.txt, and to games/tads/Parade.comment.txt]
pcu-macw.sol [21-Feb-1997]
step by step solution to PC University (aka MacWesleyan for DOS), by Paul J. Godfrey
pentari.sol [01-Nov-1998]
Solution to Pentari, by Howard Sherman
perdflam.sol [03-Mar-1997]
step by step solution to Perdition's Flames, by Paul J. Godfrey
Symlink to if-archive/phoenix/hints
photopia.sol [02-Jul-2000]
Solution to Photopia, by Graham Pearce.
pill.sol [10-Nov-2010]
Solution to A Sugared Pill, by Ambat Sasi Nair.
pirate.sol [28-Feb-1997]
Solution to Pirate Island, by Ambat Sasi
pk_hints.htm [16-Nov-2002]
Hints for The PK Girl, by Robert Goodwin.
plant.hnt [23-Jun-2000]
Hints for The Plant, by Walter Sandsquish.
punkpoints.sol [26-Oct-2009]
Solution to the Z-code game Punk Points.
putpbaa.sol [05-Aug-2001]
list of around 210 endings from Pick Up the Phone Booth and Aisle, by Spinster/Zarathustra.
PythosMask_walkthrough.txt [27-Apr-2011]
Walkthrough for Pytho's Mask by the game's author, Emily Short.
quarter.sol [14-Aug-1999]
Solution to Infocom's Querterstaff
quest.sol [28-Feb-1997]
Solution to Secret Quest 2010, by Ambat Sasi
Questmaster.txt [06-Apr-2002]
Solution to Questmaster: The Prism of Heheutotol (Miles Computing), by Stefano Lorenzin
race10.sol [26-Jan-1993]
Solution to The Great Archeological Race version 1.0 by Ambat Sasi
raiders.txt [21-Aug-2013]
Solution to Conrad Button's Raiders of the Star Temple.
rakish.txt [26-Jul-1999]
Solution to Rakish, by Todd Moore
RANS_walkthrough.rtf [24-Feb-2011]
A walkthrough for RANS: An Interworld Progress, in rich text format, written by the game's author, Bob Reeves.
redplan.sol [22-Mar-1993]
Solution to Red Planet version 2.0, by Ambat Sasi
Relief.walkthrough.txt [26-Aug-2000]
Walkthrough for Hunt for Relief by the game's author, Christian Gaertner.
rematch.txt [23-Feb-2006]
Solution to Rematch, by Chuck Cochems.
reverb.sol [02-Jun-1999]
Solution to Reverberations, by Ambat Sasi Nair
rimworld.sol [11-Jul-1995]
step-by-step solution to Rimworld, by Paul J. Godfrey
risorg.rec [24-Oct-2017]
Replay walkthrough for Risorgimento Represso, by Michael J. Coyne.
robots.hints [16-Aug-1995]
how to play Robots, by Torbjorn Andersson
Room206_wlkthr.txt [09-Jan-2011]
Solution to the ALAN game Room 206, written by the game's author, Byron Alexander Campbell.
rylvania.sol [27-Apr-1994]
solution, point list, and map for The Horror of Rylvania by Audrey De Lisle
s101.lostsoles [30-May-1993]
Spellcasting 101: The population of the Isle of Lost Soles by Volker Blasius
s101.sol [13-Jul-1993]
express walkthrough for Spellcasting 101, by Pete Calvert
s201.step [10-Aug-1995]
stepwise walkthrough for Spellcasting 201, by FAThead
s301.txt [10-Aug-1995]
detailed walkthrough for Spellcasting 301 (anonymous) [20-Mar-1998]
The offical hints, taken from the original AI hint sheets (in rich text format) and maps (in GUEmap format) for all the Scott Adams' games, compiled by Julian Fleetwood. [file is linked to scott-adams/hints/]
sanc.sol [22-Jan-1997]
Solution to Sanctuary, by Ambat Sasi
sarvegne-solution.rec [21-Oct-2006]
Solution to Sarvegne by the game's author, Eric Forgeot.
savage1.sol [11-Nov-1993]
walkthrough for Savage Island Part 1, by Terry Stewart
savage2.sol [11-Nov-1993]
walkthrough for Savage Island Part 2, by Terry Stewart
SavePrinceton.sol [30-Jan-1995]
walkthrough for Save Princeton, by Koen van der Drift
savoir.html [18-Sep-2002]
Walkthrough for Savoir-Faire, by David Welbourn.
SavoirFaireInvisiHints.html [26-Mar-2008]
Invisi-clue style hints for Savoir-Faire, as a HTML file. Written by the game's author, Emily Short.
school.sol [09-Mar-2010]
Solution to Ballymun Adventure, by Ambat Sasi.
sd-walkthrough.txt [15-Oct-2000]
Walkthrough for Schooldays by the game's author, Andrew MacKinnon.
Severed_Heads.txt [06-Apr-2002]
Solution to Severed Heads (Sir-Rah), by Stefano Lorenzin
Sex_Artist_Walkthrough.htm [31-Jul-2017]
The solution for The Sex Artist v. 1.1 by A. Ninny (a pornographic TADS game), solution written by the original author. [09-May-2011]
Walkthrough and map for Shapes, by Al.
ShardsOfTime.sol [10-Aug-1996]
anonymous solution to The Shards of Time (Titan)
shelby.step [19-Apr-1996]
step-by-step solution release 2 to The Light: Shelby's Addendum version 1.1, by Paul J. Godfrey
Shrinking_Man.txt [06-Apr-2002]
Solution to The Incredible Shrinking Man Adventure, by Stefano Lorenzin
skiadven.sol [28-Feb-1997]
Solution to Ski Adventure, by Ambat Sasi
skull.sol [27-Aug-1996]
solution overview and step-by-step walkthrough for Skullduggery - Adventures in Horror version 3.1, by Paul J. Godfrey
slackerx.sol [24-Jan-1998]
Solution to Slacker X, by Ambat Sasi Nair
SlapThatFish.txt [15-May-2010]
Strategy guide, progressive hints, and walkthrough for Slap That Fish, written by Michael Martin.
slouch.sol [16-Aug-2004]
Solution to Slouching Towards Bedlam, including all the possible endings, by Michael Martin.
smallwld.sol [17-Dec-1996]
commented walkthrough for Small World, by Andrew D. Pontious
SoFar.sol [19-Jul-1996]
solution overview and step-by-step walkthrough for So Far, by Paul J. Godfrey
SoFar.step [14-Jul-1996]
solution and step-by-step walkthrough for SoFar, by Stefan Dube [03-Nov-1997]
walkthrough and maps for Softporn Adventure in HTML format, by Catz
soggy.hnt [23-Jun-2000]
Hints for Shades of Gray, by Judith Pintar, Mike Laskey, Elizabeth Ellison, Steve Bauman and Mark Baker. [15-Oct-1996]
mostly anonymous solutions to the following games:
  A Mind Forever Voyaging (Infocom)
  Adventure Quest (Level 9)
  Ballyhoo (Infocom)
  The Bard's Tale I (by John R. Barnsley)
  Beyond Zork (Infocom)
  Border Zone (Infocom)
  Borrowed Time (Activision)
  Brimstone (Synapse/Broderbund)
  Bureaucracy (Infocom)
  Colossal Adventure (Level 9)
  (later released as Jewels of Darkness, Part One)
  Cutthroats (Infocom)
  Deadline (Infdocom)
  Demon's Tomb (Melbourne House/Virgin-Mastertronic)
  Dream Zone (Baudville Software)
  Dungeon Adventure (Level 9)
  (later released as Jewels of Darkness, Part Three)
  Enchanter (Infocom)
  Fish! (Magnetic Scrolls/Rainbird)
  Gateway (Pryority)
  The Guild of Thieves (Magnetic Scrolls/Rainbird)
  Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Infocom)
  Hollywood Hijinx (Infocom)
  Infidel (Infocom)
  Jinxter (Magnetic Scrolls/Rainbird)
  King's Quest I (Sierra On-Line)
  King's Quest II (Sierra On-Line)
  King's Quest III (Sierra On-Line)
  King's Quest IV (Sierra On-Line)
  Leather Goddesses of Phobos (Infocom)
  Legend of the Sword (Rainbird)
  The Lurking Horror (Infocom)
  Maniac Mansion (Lucasfilm Games)
  Mindshadow (Activision)
  Moonmist (Infocom)
  The Pawn (Magnetic Scrolls)
  Personal Nightmare (Horrorsoft)
  Phantasie (Logical Design Works) - incomplete
  Planetfall (Infocom)
  Plundered Hearts (Infocom)
  Seastalker (Infocom)
  Sherlock: The Riddle of the Crown Jewels (Infocom)
  Sorcerer (Infocom)
  Spellbreaker (Infocom)
  Starcross (Infocom)
  Stationfall (Infocom)
  Suspect (Infocom)
  Suspended (Infocom)
  Tass Times in Tone Town (Activision)
  Transylvania (Penguin Software)
  Trinity (Infocom)
  The Uninvited (Mirrorsoft)
  Wishbringer (Infocom)
  Witness (Infocom)
  Zork I (Infocom)
  Zork II (Infocom)
  Zork III (Infocom) [15-Oct-1996]
anonymous stepwise walkthroughs for the following games:
  Ten Little Indians
  Arrow of Death
  Aztec Tomb
  CIA Adventure
  Castlemaze Adventure
  Cavern of Riches
  Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle
  Computer Adventure
  Cracks of Fire
  Dallas Quest
  Darth Vader
  Dutchman's Gold
  Escape from Pulsar 7
  Prehistoric Man
  Feasibility Experiment
  Fools Gold
  The Golden Baton
  Grave Robbers
  Groot Avontuur (Dutch)
  Gruds in Space
  The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (not Infocom)
  The Hobbit
  House of Seven Gables
  In den Beginne (Dutch)
  Journey to the Center of the Earth
  King Tut's Tomb
  Mask of the Sun
  Mission Asteroid
  Mission Impossible
  Moon Base Alpha
  Nijmegen Avontuur (Dutch)
  Perseus and Andromeda
  Pirate Adventure
  Pyramid of Doom
  Quest of Merravid
  Ring of Power
  Saturn 3 (Dutch)
  Secret of Kublaih
  Serpents Star
  Spider Mountain
  Steen der Wijzen (Dutch)
  Stoneville Manor
  The Beyond (Dutch)
  The Time Machine
  Tunnel Adventure
  Twin Kingdom Valley
  Ulysses and the Golden Fleece
  Underground Adventure
  Urban Upstart
  Voodoo Castle
  Wega Station
  Will o'the Wisp
  Wizard and Princess
  Wizard of Akyrz
  Zork I
  Zork II
  Zork III [26-Nov-1996]
anonymous stepwise walkthroughs for the following games, converted from Apple II solution disks:
  221b Baker Street
  Abyssal Zone
  Alpine Encounter
  Ark of the Covenant
  Birth of the Phoenix
  Black Cauldron
  Blade of Blackpoole
  Captain Cuckoo
  Chambers of Xenobia
  Coveted Mirror
  Cranston Manor
  Creature Venture
  Crimson Crown
  Critical Mass
  Crypt of Medea
  Curse of Crowley Manor
  Dallas Quest
  Dark Crystal
  Death in the Caribbean
  Demons Forge
  Dragon World
  ET Comes Back
  Escape From Rungistan
  Escape From Traam
  Fraktured Faebles
  Gelfling Adventure
  Ghost Town
  Golden Voyage
  Gruds in Space
  Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
  Incredible Shrinking Man
  Kabul Spy
  Kings Quest II
  Leather Goddesses of Phobos
  Lucifers Realm
  Mask of the Sun
  Mission Impossible
  Mummys Curse
  Mystery Fun House
  Neverending Story
  Palace in Thunderland
  Pirate Adventure
  Pyramid of Doom
  Race for Midnight
  Sands of Egypt
  Secret Agent
  Serpents Star
  Sherwood Forest
  Softporn Adventure
  Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle
  Space Ace
  The Hulk
  The Institute
  The Quest
  The Witness
  Time Zone
  Tracer Sanction
  Viking Quest
  Voodoo Castle
  Wizard and the Princess
  Wizardry II
  Wizardry III (partial)
  Zork I
  Zork II
  Zork III
son1.sol [29-Jan-1998]
Solution to Sea of Night, by Ambat Sasi Nair
spacest2.sol [02-Jun-1999]
Solution to Space Station, by Ambat Sasi Nair
SpeculativeFiction_walkthrough.txt [07-Jul-2012]
Annotated walkthrough for Speculative Fiction, written by the game's authors.
speedIF_-1.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF -1, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_1.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solution to Coffins, the lone game from SpeedIF 1, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_10.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 10, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_11.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 11, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_12.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 12, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_13.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 13, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_14.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 14, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_15.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 15, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_16.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 16, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_17.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 17, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_18.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 18, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_2.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 2, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_2000.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 2000, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_2001.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 2001, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_3.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 3, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_3a.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF Third Anniversary, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_4.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 4, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_5.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 5, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_5_5.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 5.5, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_6.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 6, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_7.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 7, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_8.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 8, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_9.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF 9, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_apoc.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedApocalypse, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_crin.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF Crinkle-Cut, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_DNA.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from the Douglas Adams tribute SpeedIF, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_extr.html [14-Sep-2006]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF EXTREME, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_jckt.html [19-Sep-2003]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF Jacket, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_O.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF O, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_oran.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF Orange, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_ptap.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF Pi-Theta-Aleph-Parallax, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_schm.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solution to Floyd, the lone game from SpeedIF SchmeedIF, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_sprg.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solution to The Hippo and the Flute, the sole game from SpeedIF Spring Training, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_WON.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF Without Number, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_xyzzy.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF Y, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_Y.html [18-Sep-2002]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF Y, by David Welbourn.
speedIF_y1x.html [14-Sep-2006]
Solutions for all the games from SpeedIF y=1/x, by David Welbourn.
Spirit-Transcript.doc [28-Aug-2006]
Complete transcript to Spiritwrak Release 3, following the step-by-step solution by Paul J. Godfrey and Shawn Doherty (from the file spirit.step), generated by Marco Cavagna.
spirit.hint [23-Apr-1996]
puzzle hint guide for SpiritWrak release 1 and 2 by Paul J. Godfrey
spirit.step [22-Apr-1996]
step-by-step solution to SpiritWrak release 1 and 2 by Paul J. Godfrey and Shawn Doherty (with some input from Daniel S. Yu, author of SpiritWrak)
squynch.sol [13-Apr-1993]
Solution to The Squynchia Adventure, by Ambat Sasi
starship.sol [18-Sep-1994]
Solution to Starship Columbus, by Ambat Sasi
station.sol [30-Jun-1997]
Solution to The NASA Orbital Observatory Adventure, by Ambat Sasi
stcadv.sol [29-Dec-1995]
Solution to Spelunker's Tremendous Cave Adventure [09-Jan-2000]
Solution and map (in GUEmap format) for the BBC micro game "Stolen Lamp", by David Lodge.
STRATA_AoA_Strategy_Guide_sample.pdf [19-Nov-2017]
Hints and walkthrough for The Baker of Shireton by Hanon Ondricek.
submarin.sol [18-Feb-1993]
Solution to The Nuclear Submarine Adventure version 1.53 by Ambat Sasi
Supernova.txt [18-May-2000]
Walkthough for Supernova, by Ramon Bartschat. [09-Oct-2007]
Walkthroughs (in RTF) and maps (in GUEmap format) for the following games, by Julian Fleetwood:
  Softporn Adventure
  Mission Asteroid
  Wizard and the Princess
  Mystery House
sweetsix.html [29-Oct-1998]
anonymous solution to Sweet Sixteen
t-zero.sol [15-Jul-1996]
Solution to t-zero version 1.03, by Audrey DeLisle
tangle.sol [10-Dec-2000]
Solution to Spider and Web (aka Tangle) Release 4. Originally written by Paul J. Godfrey and updated by Nils Barth.
TassTimes.step [02-Jan-1995]
stepwise solution to Tass Times in Tonetown, by Stefan Jokisch
Teacher_Feature.txt [06-Jan-2016]
Solution to Teacher Feature by the game's author, Paul Equinox Collins.
tempest.sol [27-Mar-2000]
anonymous solution to The Tempest [31-Oct-2007]
Solution to Le Temple de Feu by the game's author, Eric Forgeot.
terror.sol [25-Feb-1993]
Solution to Terror in the Ice Caves version 1.52 by Ambat Sasi
tess.sol [17-Feb-1993]
Solution to Beyond the Tesseract, by Ambat Sasi
the_one.sol [16-Oct-2000]
Solution to The One That Got Away by the game's author, Leon Lin.
TheApprentice.sol [02-Nov-2010]
Solution to The Apprentice, by Ambat Sasi Nair.
theatre.step [06-Nov-1995]
stepwise solution to Theatre, by Paul J. Godfrey
thief.sol [17-Jul-1995]
incomplete solution (42 points out of 50) to The Multi-Dimensional Thief, by W. Mintardjo
time.sol [29-Oct-1996]
commented stepwise solution to Time release 5, by Paul J. Godfrey
timetrav.sol [24-Mar-1993]
Solution to Time Traveler version 2.0, by Ambat Sasi
titanic.sol [21-Feb-1996]
Solution to Beyond the Titanic, by Audrey De Lisle [06-Feb-2002]
A review, a walkthrough and maps for Toho Academy, by Kaari Koehn.
toonesia.sol [01-Oct-1996]
stepwise solution to Toonesia version 1.1, by Paul J. Godfrey
tracer.sol [19-Feb-1995]
stepwise solution to Tracers Sanction, by Ton Kroon partly English, partly Dutch
transylvania.sol [22-Feb-1996]
anonymous solution to Transylvania [12-Aug-1994]
solutions for the 3 games in, by Ambat Sasi: Perils of Darkest Africa, Revenge of the Moon Goddess, Eye of the Inca
TreasureIsland.sol [15-Mar-1996]
anonymous solution to Treasure Island
tryst.sol [30-Jun-1997]
Solution to Tryst, by Ambat Sasi
tryst.step [05-May-1997]
step-by-step solution to Tryst, release 104 (970330), by Paul J. Godfrey
tts_walk.pdf [19-Nov-2006]
Walkthrough for Tales of the Traveling Swordsman by the game's author, Mike Snyder.
tube.sol [25-May-1997]
step-by-step solution to Tube Trouble, release 0 (950901), by Paul J. Godfrey
underoos.rtf [11-Oct-2017]
Walkthrough for The Underoos that ate New York! by Sujat Dhakal.
underoos.sol [13-Feb-1997]
Solution to The Underoos that ate New York! by Ambat Sasi
Undertow.sol [10-Jun-2000]
Anonymous solution to Undertow.
Unease-walkthu.sol [29-Jan-2012]
Explanation of how to access the walkthrough built into Unease, from the game's author, Brendan O'Brien.
unnkulia.onehalf.sol [16-Mar-1993]
Solution to Unnkulia One-Half: The Salesman Triumphant by Ambat Sasi [06-Apr-1994]
Solution to Unnkulia Zero: The Search for Amanda by Audrey De Lisle
unnkulia.zero1.0g.sol [02-Aug-1998]
Solution to Unnkulia Zero: The Search for Amanda, updated for the 1.0g freeware release by David Picton
unnkulian1.sol [04-Mar-1999]
anonymous solution to Unnkulian Underworld: The Unknown Unventure (with a slight correction by Volker Blasius)
unnkulian1.step [03-Oct-2004]
Walkthrough for Unnkulian Underworld: The Unknown Unventure (v3.0.1G). Version 1.1 by Mark Cipolone, based on an anonymous walkthrough edited by Volker Blasius.
unnkulian2.sol [23-Nov-1992]
Solution to Unnkulian Unventure II: The Secret of Acme by Kevin Bolduan
UnscientificFiction.txt [03-Aug-2009]
Walkthrough for Unscientific Fiction by the game's author, Tom Tervoort.
urban.sol [27-Jun-1997]
Solution to Urban Cleanup, by Ambat Sasi
vac_awry.txt [04-Jan-2004]
Walkthrough for Vacation Gone Awry, by Daphne Brinkerhoff.
valley_of_treasures_solution.txt [27-Feb-2015]
Solution for Valley Of Treasures, by Charles Grey.
varic.txt [03-Oct-1999]
anonymous solution and walkthrough for Varicella
vbcave.sol [29-Dec-1995]
Solution to The Very Big Cave Adventure
verb.sol [28-May-2000]
Solution to verb.gam (one of the TextFire games), by Peter Berman.
veritas.sol [26-Mar-1995]
Solution to Veritas, by Ambat Sasi
vial.sol [02-Mar-1993]
Solution to The Vial of Doom, by Ambat Sasi
vindaloo.sol [02-May-1997]
Solution to Vindaloo, by Ambat Sasi
voodoo.txt [21-Dec-2006]
Walkthrough for Voodoo Castle, by Hayden Presley.
wadewar3walkthrough.txt [23-Dec-2001]
Walkthrough and notes for The WadeWars Book III: Askin, by the game's author, Jim Fisher.
Waterbird.wlk [07-Jan-2001]
Anonymous solution to Waterbird.
waystn.sol [26-Mar-1995]
Solution to Waystation, by Ambat Sasi
weather.sol [21-Feb-1997]
step-by-step solution (v6) to A Change in the Weather, by Paul J. Godfrey [24-Aug-1998]
walkthrough (in RTF) and a map (in GUEmap format) for A Change in the Weather, by Julian Fleetwood
wedding.sol [29-Mar-1997]
step-by-step solution to The Wedding release 3. Written by Paul J. Godfrey and updated by Neil Brown. [02-Dec-1992]
a recording of a "perfect" 550 point Colossal Cave game (458 turns, recorded with the Windows version by Mike Rosenstark
WinchesterTraverse.html [31-Mar-2010]
A successful traversal of Winchester's Nightmare, created by Nicholas Gowan.
windhall.step [07-Mar-1996]
stepwise solution to The Windhall Chronicles, Volume One: The Path to Fortune, by Paul J. Godfrey. This is for release 3; includes a work-around for the sleep bug present in this release.
WomanHints.txt [28-Jul-2009]
Invisiclues style hints for Inside Woman (release 5) by the game's author, Andy Phillips.
wombat.sol [19-Aug-1994]
Solution to The Golden Wombat of Destiny, by Ambat Sasi
worldsend.sol [26-Oct-2009]
Solution to the Quest game World's End. [08-Jul-1996]
Solution to World, by Volker Blasius long, story-style walkthrough, lists of points and objects, and a huge map in several formats [12-Sep-1999]
Solution and map (in GUEmap format) to Wraith Blaster. Original solution and map by the game's author. Map converted to GUEmap format by Jerry Paul Sanders.
xenos.sol [04-Nov-1997]
Walkthrough for Xenos, by Jim Bakman
YouAreStandingInACaveWalkthrough.docx [07-May-2017]
The forum thread that inspired the game You are standing in a cave..., by Caroline Berg.
zeb.hnt [23-Jun-2000]
Hints for Uncle Zebulon's Will, by Walter Sandsquish.
zebulon.sol [26-Jul-1996]
Wtep-by-step solution to Uncle Zebulon's Will, version 2.0 (960416), by Paul J. Godfrey
zero.sol [29-Aug-1998]
Solution to Zero Sum Game
zorkian1.sol [25-Dec-2014]
Solution to Zorkian Stories 1: G.U.E., by Matt Goh. [04-Sep-1997]
Walkthrough and map of Zork: The Undiscovered Underground, by Al Golden (aka The GameDesigner)